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At 4DCenter in Warsaw, we provide comprehensive medical diagnostics within a single day at our modern and comfortable medical center. Our mission is to prevent diseases through advanced testing and consultations with qualified specialists, allowing our patients to save time and avoid costly treatments.Caring for your health, we offer innovative diagnostic methods and a personalized approach so you can enjoy life without stress and worries.Schedule an appointment and experience professional medical care at 4DCenter today!

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Comprehensive Medical Care: With a wide range of available services, 4DCenter provides comprehensive medical care, covering both prevention and diagnostics.Medical Staff: With the experience and professionalism of our doctors, we guarantee the highest quality services and diagnostic effectiveness.Dedicated Patient Care Coordinator: Accompanies you at every stage of the diagnostic process, providing support and coordination, and remains in touch after its completion.Multilingual Service: Services available in five languages.Lunch Time: On the center's premises, we have Green Point - a place where you can relax, have a coffee or tea, and enjoy a specially selected lunch included in the package.4D Support: We will assist with booking tickets, hotels, and taxis, and provide tourist maps with must-visit spots in Warsaw.Regular check-ups give us peace of mind and confidence in our health status. We help our patients save time and money by avoiding expensive and time-consuming treatments that result from neglecting prevention.Contact us to schedule a health check-up package and take care of your health today!

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Timely diagnostics are the key to health, longevity, and high quality of life, which are at the core of 4DCenter's philosophy.

“"For us, health is a culture, not a cult. A culture of self-care, based on a scientific approach."”

Modern people live in tension and are often unaware of their health issues. Obesity, hypertension, cancer, diabetes—these and many other health problems can be detected early, preventing disease progression. This is exactly what we focus on at 4DCenter.One-Day Diagnostics: All tests in one place, without unnecessary costs and time wastage.Early Disease Detection: Rapid diagnosis allows for better prognosis and more effective treatment.Treatment Cost Savings: Avoid high costs associated with late disease detection.Improved Health and Lifestyle: Better quality of life through regular check-ups and health awareness.Stress Reduction: Confidence in your health reduces stress levels.Schedule an appointment at 4DCenter and experience how our care for health can transform your life.

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